Prepare and deliver a great speech

Speeches is an app for preparing and delivering speeches and pitches on your iPhone or iPad . Prepare speaker's notes and deliver a great speech — perfectly timed — no matter what the occasion.

Be it a wedding speech, Pecha Kucha event, business presentation, or evening at the debating club, navigating your notes is that much easier with Speeches as your portable teleprompter.

Prepare and organize your notes directly in Speeches on your iPhone or iPad, or import a text file from Mail or another app (eg Dropbox). You can also email your speech to solicit feedback from friends and colleagues.

Speeches presents your notes as easy to navigate cue cards. No more juggling of paper notes, or fiddly scrolling in an app not designed for the pressure of public speaking. Just swipe back and forth.

Speeches goes well beyond paper notes when it comes to keeping track of your time. The onscreen timing meter shows at a glance exactly how far along you are. A second bar shows your progress through the notes. By comparing the two, you can see if you are going too fast or too slow.

In short, Speeches is the app you need to write, practice and deliver your next speech with precision and confidence.

For just $4.99!


• Universal app optimized for both iPhone and iPad
• Prepare speaker's notes on your iOS devices
• Rearrange your speeches
• Set speech title
• Set speech duration down to the second (Pecha Kucha)
• Stylize speech notes by font and size selection
• Choose category icon for quick speech identification
• Easily navigate through notes
• Add, reorder, edit and delete speaker's notes
• Share notes via email
• Import and export as plain text file
• Preview notes as cue cards
• Navigate by swiping cards
• Practice with timer function
• Moving time indicator and notes progress bar ensure timely delivery:
   match time and progress to stay within the allotted speech time
• Deliver a perfectly timed speech!


Need help or want to know more? Drop a line at Speeches.


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  • Q. What are the requirements for Speeches?

    Speeches is an iPad and iPhone App that runs under iOS 5.0 and later.

  • Q. How much does it cost?

    You can prepare your speech with Speeches for $4.99

  • Q. How does Speeches work?

    Speeches comes with a tutorial that is automatically loaded during its first launch. The tutorial describes all of Speeches' features. For additional queries please use the contact sheet.

  • Q. Can I use Speeches for Pecha Kucha presentations?

    Yes. Speeches allows you to set the speech duration down to the second.

  • Q. How can I import a speech?

    You can import a speech as plain text file using Mail or other Apps that support plain text file formats such as Dropbox. In Mail, tap on the attached speech and hold. Select Open in Speeches to import the speech.

  • Q. How are notes separated when importing a text file?

    Notes are separated in the plain text file by using three dashes (---) on a single line as illustrated below.

    slide 1


    slide 2

  • Q. When I import a speech I only get one note. What's wrong?

    If only one note is displayed, the note separator is not used correctly in the plain text file. Make sure the separator consists of three dashes on a single line (---), and also make sure the file is in plain text format.

  • Q. Can I split a note in two in Speeches?

    You can split a note in two while editing its content. Tap at the position where you want to split the note and hold down. Choose Split from the pop-up menu

  • Q. Can I import a speech when I don't use the Mail app?

    If you don't use the Mail app, you can still import your speech with Dropbox or other external Apps. If Dropbox is installed on your iPad or iPhone, open the text file with Dropbox. Press the button on the top right and select Open in Speeches. The speech is automatically loaded in Speeches.

  • Q. How can I export a speech?

    You can export a speech using Mail or other Apps that support plain text file formats such as Dropbox. To export, press the right button under the notes list and select the export option of your choice.

  • Q. Can I e-mail my speech when I don't use the Mail app?

    You need at least to have an e-mail address configured in the settings in order to be able to send the speech.

  • Q. What styles can I use for my speeches?

    Speeches supports all fonts that are available on your device, and allows several font sizes to be picked. You can customize each speech individually.